Software and resources

Finale Notepad:

Want a free piece of software for creating music notation? It’s not as high-powered as Sibelius, but it will produce nice, neat, professional looking music – and it is free!


ABRSM Aural Trainer (iphone/ipad/ipod):

There’s an app to help you with the ABRSM aural tests. There’s a free ‘lite’ version and paid versions for grades 1-5 and 6-8.


ABRSM Speedshifter:

Want to play along with a backing track, but find it’s too fast to begin with? The ABRSM Speedshifter software can slow it down, or speed it up without changing the pitch!


Other ABRSM apps:

Whilst we’re here, there are other interesting apps on the ABRSM page. There are ways to record and share your music, and recorded downloads for the violin, piano and a few other syllabus pieces.


Multitrack recording software – Audacity:

Want to record yourself? Your band? Multiple versions of yourself? Whilst it’s not pretty, Audacity is full of features and, more importantly, works.