Let’s Play pBone – Summer Term Week 5

What a great lesson yesterday.  The enthusiasm of the pBoners is marvellous and I can tell that there’s been some practising going on.   The support and encouragement that you give them at home makes all the difference, thank you.

Homework this week :

1. Practice getting the new notes A and G.  Start at the high Bb, then it’s slide out a bit to A and keep going to G.  G is in the 4th position which is the same as the D that they play already, just with “higher” lips.  This isn’t easy, but they can get used to the feeling by playing the Bb then keeping blowing while sliding the slide out, making a descending note.

Here are the three notes, Bb, A and G


2. Learn both parts of the “When the Saints” duet, especially work on the part that they are less comfortable with !

If you’re ready for more music, get in touch and I can send you our next piece to start working on.  It’s called “Yankee Doodle pBones” and will need those new notes A and G.

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